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Suggestions for supporting oneself

I hope you are all doing well.

These are trying times.

While my physical office remains closed, I am frequently posting on my facebook page, Bodywork Beyond Massage.

A few recommendations:

If possible, go outside and walk around (of course, maintaining at least 6-15 feet between yourself and others). Repetitive movement, such as walking, helps soothe our nervous system. You do not need to "Power walk"; just walk.

Appreciate what you see/hear around you. Notice the blossoming plant life. Feel your feet on the ground/road/path, and note how that surface supports you.

Soften and deepen your breathing: soften the area over your rib cage in the back and sides and front of your body - allow these areas to respond to your inhalation and exhalation. Allow your diaphragm to expand downward, in the direction of your feet, as you inhale - this creates space for more air to enter your lungs, and helps create an automatic pull of the air into your lungs, so you do not need to force-pull air in. Allow your diaphragm to expand upward, in the direction of your head, as you exhale - this pushes the air out, without your needing to forcefully push it out.

It can be especially helpful to breath as described above if you are still going in to work and are unable to stay at home, If you are panicking about finances/health of yourself or loved ones, etc..

Try to think about things that make you happy - yes, literally this boosts our immune systems. Scroll back through these posts to March 24, the one with words from Karl Anthony, and watch that brief video of a short happy tune.

Get as much sleep as you can. Many people are having difficulty sleeping or sticking to their regular sleep schedule/pattern right now. Do the best you can.

Drink lots of water. Take lots of Vitamin C if you can. Get exercise - if you normally exercise, try to "mimic" or re-create what you might normally do - for example, even if you do not have access to weight machines, etc., you can still go through the movements. Imaging doing something causes the muscles to fire. If you are spending a lot of time sitting/lying down: GET UP!!! Get up every 15 minutes and walk around your space 3-4 times.

Be kind to yourself, and to others.

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