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As of March 18, my physical office closed (temporarily, I hope) due to the Coronavirus. Since then, I have shifted both my Therapeutic Bodywork and my Movement Education practice to an on-line format.​   I  am also offering some additional types of sessions on-line, including guided meditations, self- care techniques, and movement classes/series of exercises.  As with all of my work,  all of these sessions are geared for what the individual needs in that session.  I do also offer group classes.

Although Gov. Baker has "re-opened" massage therapy, my physical office will remain closed, likely at least through the end of August.  I am considering offering outdoor sessions prior to that time.  If yo are interested or have any questions, please contact me.

Session fees for on-line and Distance work are $60. First session will be $40.  If your income has been markedly decreased due to the Coronavirus and you would like a session but cannot afford the $60, please speak with me. 

Please see the Blog section for more information about these sessions, including types of sessions offered, format,  and session length.


I believe that we can all increase the ease and joy that we experience as we move in and inhabit our bodies.  In many instances, our journey to physical healing may involve different things - therapeutic bodywork, movement, a connection to one's inner realm, thought patterns, diet, etc..

Are you looking for treatments that will relieve pain and restrictions?

Would you like to increase feelings of inner peace, equilibrium, and well-being?

Pain, discomfort, restriction of movements, headaches, digestive/sleep/concentration issues can be the result of or exacerbated by  unhealthful, unbio-mechanically sound postural patterns/habits, injury, surgery, etc..

We may seek therapeutic bodywork after an injury or surgery, or for relief from chronic pain or stress, or to help our bodies recover from intense physical activity/training, or to increase our feelings of well-being or calmness.

Bodywork Beyond Massage's Therapeutic Bodywork and Movement Education helps to relieve pain, discomfort, and restrictions, headaches, etc.; to increase physical ease, range of motion, and strength, as well as feelings of equanimity, "inner strength", and calmness;  and to develop new, more healthful and comfortable ways to move through daily routines.

Each session focuses on what would be most beneficial for that specific person on that specific day; and that day's treatment will fit in with the longer-range treatment plan for that individual.

In the realm of therapeutic bodywork, my experience has brought me to a place where I find that massage may not always be the best option to offer the opportunity for healing and positive change, or even deep relaxation, to occur.  (Please see Therapeutic Bodywork page.)

My Dynamic Rebalancing sessions bring together various techniques, primarily Zero Balancing and Fascial Release Therapy, and focus on releasing tensions and increasing ease.

Because our habitual thought patterns/attitudes/perspectives influence and are influenced by habitual postural patterns, releasing habitual postural patterns can help to release habitual thought patterns/attitudes/perspectives, thus allowing us to break free of or leave behind habits that may be holding us back or perpetuating negative or limiting thinking/action. 

Additionally, when we experience chronic pain, we adapt our habits and thoughts to accommodate our pain - Imagine the freedom, on so many levels, that no longer having chronic pain can offer.

I am a movement educator.  I  teach movement classes and individual sessions (correctives, postural re-patterning, dance, yoga, conditioning), and am the developer of Dynamic Balanced Movement.

In both my bodywork practice and  my movement education work, I focus on how the patterns of energy and weight transfer and use travel through our body structure, in motion and in rest.  This means I look at patterns of energy transfer and energy use, and also patterns of weight transfer and weight use, and how these patterns have created pathways in the body.  These pathways can help or hinder us as we seek to increase our well -being and find our inner balance.   The work that I do strives to strengthen patterns that help us, and to release patterns that hinder us.

Although bodywork sessions can focus primarily on either the physical or the "Inner Peace" aspect of treatment, each session, by the nature of the work, addresses our full Body/Mind/Spirit, and leaves clients feeling deeply rested and rejuvenated.

Sessions are based on a holistic and functional movement approach, and are designed to be integrated into the client's entire body.

Even if you are coming to see me because of a problem with one area of your body, I will usually work on your entire body, because where pain/restriction is felt may not be where it is originating, and because everything is connected.

Combining a practical understanding of how our bodies are designed to move with an understanding of how our habitual postural and thought patterns can interfere with optimum use of that design, sessions have been described as "a synthesis of  muscular, skeletal, fascial, and rehabilitative work."

Dynamic Balanced Movement, Dynamic Rebalancing, and my approach to treatment sessions and movement education  are all influenced by my experiences and training as a dancer, musician, and homeopath.

You can find me on Facebook at both Bodywork Beyond Massage and Dynamic Balanced Movement; and you can access my blog by going to the home page on this website, clicking  on "More', and then "Blog".

I have been a licensed massage therapist since 1985,  and a certified Zero Balancer since 1998.  I am a mentor for the Zero Balancing Health Association, and a certified yoga teacher (200 hour Embodyoga certification, Patty Townsend, 2007). I hold a BFA in Dance from The Boston Conservatory of Music.

- Karen Michaels,




Offices in Hadley and Sunderland, MA United States



(413) 665-4977


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