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When We Find Our Inner
Stillness And Connect
To The Flow of Our Breath We Find The Rhythm Of The Universe


Find the Rhythm of Your Inner Stillness


Most  people have heard of the health benefits of meditation.  Some are: decreased blood pressure; better sleep; decreased depression and anxiety; improved immune function, concentration, and memory; and an increased sense of equanimity.

Many people say they would like to meditate but cannot sit still, or have tried to meditate and  "just can't do it".

There are different ways to meditate, and many of our daily actions can become a meditation - walking, eating, brushing our teeth, etc..

I can teach you meditation skills and postures/adaptions that can help you feel more comfortable sitting in stillness, creating moving meditations, and bringing meditative qualities into your daily routines.

Guided Meditation sessions focusing on body connections and awareness are also available.

Meditation by the sea


Find The Flow of Your Breath


When our breath is restricted, movement is restricted - not just the movement of our limbs and spine, but our internal movements as well - the exchange of gases and fluids, the motility of our organs, the unimpeded sending of nerve signals, etc..

Learning how to access and free the diaphragm can help us to bring ease into our breath and body.

Increasing awareness of how our breath can move through/influence different areas in our body can help release tightness and reforge connections.

I can help you learn to access, free, and move your breath; I can help you to find breath in daily tasks/movements;  I can help you begin to understand and experience what it feels like to have your breath motivate your movements.  

I do this by using a combination of guided imagery, correctives, and bodywork.

Self-Care sessions focusing on breath, self-massage, movement are also available.



Find Ways To Connect It All


Trained as a homeopath, I consult with clients about alternative health practices, including, among others, homeopathy, diet, lifestyle changes, acupuncture, etc.. I can help clients to find practitioners of other modalities.
Dynamic Wellness is an approach to health and well-being that brings us awareness of many facets of our health, and "connects all the dots": Dynamic Movement concepts, Stress Reduction techniques, diet, lifestyle choices, and more. Individual consults, presentations and workshops are offered. Please contact me if you are interested.

Pebble Beach
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