“"...After my second session of Zero Balancing, I felt like she had reached into crevices of stress and released it throughout my body.  I felt so relaxed which is hard for me to do.  When she touches a tender spot, I can visualize the stress being pushed slowly out of my body....I would recommend this form of relaxation to anyone."

KR, client

“She is quite simply the best Massage Therapist I have had the privilege of being worked upon by...”

C.C., yoga studio owner, client

“...she has an uncanny ability to find and release tension; even better (and rarer), she doesn't just move the tension to some other set of muscles, she gets it all the way out of my body...”

L.G., client

"...Working with you has helped me to refine my sense of my 3-dimensional self, and how I move myself through space....I felt taller, uplifted, and light in my body.....Paying closer attention...is helping me to let go of some long-standing tension in my neck, shoulders, and low back."

S.M., physical therapy assistant, student

"I have sought out her excellent skills as a practitioner on many occasions....combination of skills makes her contribution unique…”

S.L., former faculty, Muscular Therapy Institute, client

"...With each session, I always felt a sense of release, physically, mentally, and spiritually......Often with sessions, I would experience a better than average night's sleep......Karen is a wealth of information and has taught and given me many tools and techniques that I will continue to use in my life regularly."

R.M., client

"Recently, I reinjured my knee and the mild swelling was causing my knee and calf pain that wouldn't go away no matter what I did.  After Karen worked  on my feet and lower legs (and whole body too) my knee pain was gone.  It is amazing how connected our bodies are."

C.B., physical therapist, client

"Zero Balancing...relaxes muscles that are tense and tight, improves mobility in my joints, and relieves pain throughout my body...I have experienced many types of massage over the years, with many different practitioners.  No one comes close to Karen, in skill, expertise, and competence."

DE, client

"Just a note to say how much I appreciate that you saw my left shoulder was "frozen" and then helped it to move.  I'm hardly feeling any wrist/thumb pain now.....I'm so glad to have this shoulder movement back and the support for my wrist/thumb healing.  Thank you."

A.P., client


Offices in Hadley and Sunderland, MA United States



(413) 665-4977


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