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  "Karen Michaels is an extremely knowledgeable and effective practitioner. My Distance Dynamic Rebalancing session with her was more powerful than many in-person I have experienced. I found her guided meditation session transformative as well and helpful in managing my overactive mind. I highly recommend her."


                    "She is quite simply the best Massage Therapist I have had the privilege of being worked upon by...”


     "I first began seeking out Karen just prior to the pandemic. We began working together using her expertise in Zero Balancing, for my issues related to hip replacement and subsequent related leg pain. My first few sessions with her showed me the extent of her knowledge and wisdom in healing and I began to feel better, learning much about how my body moves.

When the pandemic hit, she offered to continue our work using distance healing, something I had no knowledge of prior to working with her. Here is where her talents shine. I was amazed at not only the physical help that she provided me through distance healing, but the spiritual uplift that came with it. She is very intune with healing energies and I have continued to gain strength and flexibility, as well as a sense of well-being. She has been a lifesaver for me and I highly recommend Karen for the multiple modalities that she uses in her bodywork, her sensitivity to the person and to her skill as a healer. "

"I have sought out her excellent skills as a practitioner on many occasions....combination of skills makes her contribution unique…”



" I started working with Karen in-person when I developed TMJ after a dental procedure.  It had progressed within a few weeks to the point where I could barely open my mouth, making eating very difficult.  Karen was amazing and very effective.  By treating me hands-on and recommending at-home self treatment “exercises”,  she had me significantly improved within two weeks and totally back to normal within a month!  Truly amazing!


With that success I easily decided to continue working with Karen in-person on my right shoulder, which had gotten increasingly painful over the past eleven years and was limiting/impinging everyday activities and ultimately caused me to retire early due to physical work requirements.  I had tried massage, PT, and acupuncture, but nothing had helped.  Karen used therapeutic bodywork in conjunction with functional movement and, over time succeeded in completely resolving the pain.  At the end of each session, Karen is really good at explaining what your physical condition was at the start of the session, what she did, what your body’s response was, and how your physical condition changed.  And when she works with you on Functional Movement, she is really good at describing the exercises that will help improve functional ability; but if you can’t grasp the subtle movements, she is excellent at finding new words that make sense to you so you can be successful working on your own at home.  I never thought my shoulder pain and dysfunction would go away and am thrilled that, by working with Karen, it has!


   I was worried once COVID isolation began that I would not be able to maintain my body’s comfort level.  Over the years I’d found that I needed regular bodywork to keep stress, and the pain of resultant tight muscles, at bay.  With COVID in-person bodywork was out of the question, so I opted for Karen’s Distance Healing.  I was very skeptical initially and unsure how effective it could be, but am now a total believer..... she provided the same results as in-person bodywork (relaxed, comfortable muscles)....  As I said, I am now a complete believer in the Distance Healing method.


Karen is a truly gifted healer, combining many techniques resulting in her own, unique methodology.  I recommend her completely and without reservation."

"Zero Balancing...relaxes muscles that are tense and tight, improves mobility in my joints, and relieves pain throughout my body...I have experienced many types of massage over the years, with many different practitioners.  No one comes close to Karen, in skill, expertise, and competence."

  " I began seeing Karen after my PT recommended her due to the complexity of an arm/shoulder injury and repetitive muscle use (musician).  Dynamic Rebalancing is the most amazing bodywork technique I have ever experienced!  It immediately released the tension in my body so that healing could begin.  As we continued my sessions, my body began to heal on other levels - mental, emotional and spiritual.  It brought deep releases and clarity.  This work connects and integrates your whole being and her knowledge is deep and effective!  It has been a gift and blessing!

I have been a recipient of both hands-on and distance healing sessions from Karen and can say that both are extremely amazing!  Distance sessions have been my lifeline during this time of quarantine isolation!  Weekly sessions keep me in touch with the stresses in my body so that I can release and not hold.  After each session I feel revitalized and energized!  As a Reiki practitioner I acknowledge the energetic power of distance work and Karen's work is the best!"


  " Karen is a wonderful teacher in person and online. I was very skeptical when we had to switch from in person to online ballet class, I did not think that a class via zoom, with no hands on support, could be successful. I was wrong. Karen pays close attention to details, whenever I struggle with an exercise and can’t quite get it right, Karen identifies where my struggles are originating and is able to correct them with verbal cues, I am so impressed every time. Her instructions are clear and thorough. She has a very creative way with words and is able to use easy to understand descriptions. I feel well taken care of in her class and it is fun to dance together with others.

I have suffered with sacrum issues ever since giving birth to my children, and not being able to see a massage therapist or chiropractor for months has taken it’s toll. Karen was able with just a few questions, to find an easy exercise I can do by myself at home that alleviates my pain. 

Thank you!"


    "After my second session of Zero Balancing, I felt like she had reached into crevices of stress and released it throughout my body.  I felt so relaxed which is hard for me to do.  When she touches a tender spot, I can visualize the stress being pushed slowly out of my body....I would recommend this form of relaxation to anyone."


"Just a note to say how much I appreciate that you saw my left shoulder was "frozen" and then helped it to move.  I'm hardly feeling any wrist/thumb pain now.....I'm so glad to have this shoulder movement back and the support for my wrist/thumb healing.  Thank you."

"...Working with you has helped me to refine my sense of my 3-dimensional self, and how I move myself through space....I felt taller, uplifted, and light in my body.....Paying closer helping me to let go of some long-standing tension in my neck, shoulders, and low back."

“...she has an uncanny ability to find and release tension; even better (and rarer), she doesn't just move the tension to some other set of muscles, she gets it all the way out of my body...”

"...With each session, I always felt a sense of release, physically, mentally, and spiritually......Often with sessions, I would experience a better than average night's sleep......Karen is a wealth of information and has taught and given me many tools and techniques that I will continue to use in my life regularly."

"Recently, I reinjured my knee and the mild swelling was causing my knee and calf pain that wouldn't go away no matter what I did.  After Karen worked  on my feet and lower legs (and whole body too) my knee pain was gone.  It is amazing how connected our bodies are."


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