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In my practice, bodywork/movement/teaching all weave together.   Many years of studying dance, music, movement, and homeopathy shape how I view the world and approach my practice.  

My personal experiences with finding both frustration and joy in movement,        in recovering (or not) from injuries,  and of coming to understand and experience what it  means to be comfortable in my own body, have guided my work into its current formats.

Thank you for taking the time to look through my website.  Please contact me directly if you have any questions.

Karen Michaels


          "...Touch is the other side of movement. Movement is the other side of                                    touch. They are the shadow of each other."

                                          -  Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen

Therapeutic Bodywork, Movement, Stress Reduction

3 Different Approaches

 Increase Well-Being and Find Inner Balance

Leave Pain Behind.....Relax Deeply Into Your Soul

Soothing  body and soul   

Releasing deeply held tensions 

Creating new patterns of ease




    I believe that we can all increase the ease and joy that we experience as we move in and inhabit our bodies.

    My practice/teaching is designed to help people to find more healthful and comfortable ways to move through their daily routines, with ease, alignment, and balance.

Increase Your Well-Being....Find Your Inner Balance


My vision is for all people who work with me- whether through the format of bodywork, movement, or stress reduction- to find an increased sense of connection to, and ease in, how they move and rest, and how they inhabit their bodies; and that this leads them to a deeper sense of internal trust and comfort.

Leave Pain Behind...Relax Deeply Into Your Soul

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