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My Distance Dynamic Rebalancing session is a therapeutic bodywork session of

Dynamic Rebalancing, and may include Therapeutic Movement.

When I do a therapeutic bodywork session with someone in-person, I am contacting their physical body to access the structure of both the physical and energy bodies.


When I do a distance therapeutic bodywork session with someone, I am doing the opposite: contacting their energy body to access the structure of both the energy body and the physical body.

(See my Blog post  "Conscious Contact"  May 29, 2020, for more)

What types of issues can a Distance or Zoom session be helpful for?  The same types of issues an in-person, hands-on, session can be helpful for.

For some clients, physical pain is gone or greatly reduced after a Distance or a Zoom session.  For some clients, resolutions to problems become clear after a session, or levels of anxiety are greatly reduced/ replaced with feelings of internal

well-being and inner balance.

As with in-person, hands-on sessions in my office, sometime clients say they did not notice anything during the session, but felt better that evening/the next day; other clients notice things as I am working; some clients notice nothing at all.

A Distance Dynamic Rebalancing session will begin with a check -in, either via phone or Zoom. We will then get off the phone/Zoom, and I will proceed to do a Dynamic Rebalancing therapeutic bodywork session with you, as if we were together in my office.  I will be envisioning giving you a session, and I will be following the same principles and protocols that I follow when giving  a hands-on, in-person, session in my office.

You will, ideally, lie down as if you were in my office, receiving a session on my treatment table: lie down in a quiet place, without checking your phone, in an aligned fashion ( i.e., if you are lying on the couch, without having your neck crunched up). 

Although there is an "ideal" way to receive one of these treatments,  the treatment will still have effect even if you do not follow the "ideal".   I have clients who, during their treatment,  get up and walk around, switch their positions, sit in a chair,  etc.. I have had clients have conversations with someone nearby them, read a book, etc..   These actions will not negate/block the effectiveness of the treatment session.  However, the person receiving the treatment may "notice" more if they are still and quiet and have no distractions (see my Blog post, "Shifting To An Online Practice",  May 5, 2020 for more about what people may/may not notice), and most people benefit greatly from some time in quiet and stillness.

I DO ASK that you NOT engage in any activity that requires tricky balance/precision/quick decision-making  during our session, and I encourage you to avoid stressful situations/events/people during our session.

We will conclude our session with a phone or Zoom check-out.   

There are many reasons why distance treatments work. Basically, the concept is similar to radio, television, or WiFi traveling across distances - one does not need to be in the same room, or even the same building, to send and receive information.

As with in-person, hands-on sessions in my office, sometime clients say they did not notice anything during the session, but felt better that evening/the next day

Other telehealth/Zoom sessions can be either Movement or Stress Reduction sessions.  These may include various forms of self-care, movement to reduce tension or pain, movement for the sake of getting the blood flowing, etc..


            Perhaps, having had hands-on, in-person work with me or someone else, the thought of having a Telehealth                                                  session instead may seem pointless, as if the main component is missing.  


             I ask you, however, to "reframe" your thinking and instead of thinking of one of these types of sessions as                                "a poor substitute" for a hands-on, in-person, session, think of them as a different type of therapeutic                                          experience, and consider the positive effect/benefits they can offer - read what is on my website                                          about these sessions  (my description, blog, and people's experiences), and feel free to ask me questions.

My telehealth sessions  follow and incorporate the same principles and concepts as my in-person sessions.

For more information, please see the Therapeutic Bodywork,  Movement, and Stress Reduction pages on this site.  

You may also want to see the Telehealth versus In-person: Experiences page, and my Blog page.

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