In these times of Coronavirus, we are all being asked to do things differently.    There are new state requirements and guidelines, plus recommended guidelines from  other massage/bodywork organizations.

The new Policies and Protocols that I am implementing are 

so that I may do my best to keep you, myself, and our families and communities, safe.

Below is  a description of some of the current requirements/protocols for hands-on, in-person treatments with me. /Bodywork Beyond Massage.

 There will be a COVID health questionnaire that needs to be filled out when scheduling our appointment. That same questionnaire will need to be filled out/answered again the morning of your  scheduled appointment, and again when you arrive for your appointment.

Please take the time to honestly, accurately, and to the best of your full knowledge, fill out the questionnaire.

There will also be the regular Intake form to be filled out.

There will be an Agreement form to sign.  This  indicates your agreement to follow my policies.

There will be a waiver form to sign.  This form acknowledges that no activity is 100% risk free ( for transmission of Coronavirus or for any other risk), and that you are choosing to come for a hands-on, in-person treatment understanding that wearing masks, sanitizing and following other regulations and protocols does not lessen the risk of transmission of Coronavirus to 0%.

If possible, before  you arrive for your appointment, we will go through our "Intake" via phone or Zoom.  If not possible, we will do that when you arrive, remaining at last 6 feet apart, and wearing masks.  When you arrive for your appointment,  I will be masked and will give you a mask to put on, and you will use the hand sanitizer provided for you.  We will both be masked the entire time we are together.  

I will also be wearing gloves and a face shield.

I will  take your temperature when you arrive, and review the COVID heath questionnaire with you again.

NOTE: If you have a temperature, you will be asked to leave and you may  reschedule your appointment for at least 14 days later.  If your answers to the COVID questionnaire indicate the need for us to send you home and reschedule your appointment,  we will do so, at least 14 days out.

The hands-on, in-person sessions I am offering will be outdoors, under a canopy tent.  I will have a fan available.  Sessions will be 15 minutes.   

Sessions will be either chair or table Dynamic Rebalancing.   I will explain more when we speak. 

After our session is finished, we will  briefly do a checkout.  Rescheduling your follow-up appointment will be done via phone or email.

As always, contact me if you have any questions/concerns.

(413) 665-4977

 Dynamic Balanced Movement, Dynamic Rebalancing, Dynamic Wellness  SM2015

Sunderland, MA United States

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