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                                                        Bodywork Beyond Massage

                                                              is currently offering sessions of

                   Distance Dynamic Rebalancing, Therapeutic Movement, Stress Reduction**


When we speak to schedule your appointment, we will spend a few minutes talking about why you are seeking treatment, your history, what my sessions can offer you, and which type of session I would recommend.  For a more in-depth discussion about which type of session I would recommend, please see "Consultations"  (listed below).

PLEASE NOTE: Telehealth  sessions are here!!  Sessions are available by Zoom/phone.

At this time, I am not offering any hands-on, in-person sessions.  My physical office remains closed due to COVID

Although it may seem that a distance or Zoom session/class is missing the main component of therapeutic bodywork/movement, I ask you to "reframe" your thinking and instead of thinking of one of these types of sessions as "a poor substitute" for a hands-on, in-person, session, think of them as a different type of therapeutic experience, and consider the positive effect/benefits they can offer. 

Please see other pages on this website for more information about the various telehealth sessions I offer - the basic categories are Therapeutic Bodywork (Distance Dynamic Rebalancing), Movement, or Stress Reduction. These include various forms of self- care, movement to reduce tension or pain, movement for the sake of getting the blood flowing, etc..


                                DISTANCE DYNAMIC REBALANCING                               $65, $85, $105

                             OTHER TELEHEALTH SESSIONS                                          $65, $85         

                             CONSULTATIONS                                                                       $30, $45     

If your income has been markedly decreased due to the Coronavirus and you cannot afford the full fees above but feel in need of a session, please speak with me.


  **  See "Movement" and "Stress Reduction" pages.  Therapeutic Movement and Stress Reduction  are also available in small group class format. See "Classes and Presentations" page for classes offered.

                                                  PLEASE REVIEW CANCELLATIONS POLICIES PAGE


$65    (35-50 minutes)           $85    (55-70 minutes)       $105   (75-90 minutes)++

These sessions begin with either a phone or Zoom intake.  We get off the phone/Zoom, and I proceed to do a Dynamic Rebalancing therapeutic bodywork treatment with you, as if we were together in my office.  We conclude our session with a phone or Zoom check-out. There are many reasons why distance treatments work.  Basically, the concept is similar to radio, television, or WiFi traveling across distances.

Generally, our time spent on intake and check-out is brief.  At times, we may need to spend longer on an intake or check-out (first visit; if specific issues are occurring; etc.).  

I recommend Zoom versus phone if I have not worked with you before** or in a long time/ if you have specific physical issues/if we may choose to incorporate Therapeutic Movement  or Stress Reduction in our session.

I recommend a longer session if you have specific physical issues going on.  Also, some people who do not notice much of anything with a shorter treatment notice more when they experience a longer treatment.

For more information, see  "Telehealth Sessions: About" page

**  Your first session will include an initial intake.  This can be done within the scheduled time of our session (meaning your treatment time will be less); as a separate consultation (see "Consultations" below) prior to your first session; or as an add-on (in price and time) at the time of your first session (must be determined prior to your first session).

++  I have added this longer session because I have a number of clients for whom the verbal work we do pre and post treatment time is very important.  This longer session allows the time for us to spend more time with the verbal work and still have a full treatment time.


$65       (50 minutes)                $85     (70 minutes)

These sessions can be either Dynamic Rebalancing (see above for session lengths),  Therapeutic Movement, or Stress Reduction.

For more information, see "Therapeutic Bodywork", "Movement",  "Stress Reduction" , and "Telehealth Sessions: About"  pages



  In-depth Intake         $30   (20 minutes)

This is either a more in-depth assessment (via phone nor Zoom) to determine how we can best meet your needs and goals for sessions with me, or this can actually be an "intake"  before we meet for a session.

I recommend this consultation prior to your first session with me**; if you have already worked with me but have not been in for a session in a while; or if there is something specific going on for you that may take more than a few minutes to discuss. 

Doing this prior to our session allows me time to prepare ahead of our meeting so that I may best meet your needs, and frees up more time during our session for treatment.

**  This can also be done as an add-on (in price and time) at the time of your first session.

  Dynamic Wellness    $45    (40 minutes)

This consultation (via phone or Zoom) will look in depth at your overall needs and goals and come up with a plan that encompasses more than just any sessions you might choose to have with me.




$35 (chair, 15 minutes)     $60 (table, 30 minutes)  **

You and I will be masked, and all COVID protocols will be followed. 

These sessions will be outdoors, hands-on, in-person.

Chair:  You will be seated on a massage chair, face in the face cradle.

Table:   You will be either seated or lying on your back. No pillowing or blankets.


**You will be with me for 5-10 minutes longer than the length of your session time.



My office is a nut-free, scent free, office.  The laundry soaps/cleaning supplies I use are non-toxic and un-scented (except for one).  On the day of your visit to my office, please do not wear any scented lotions/perfumes/hairsprays, and if you have eaten any nuts/nut products on that day, please wash your hands thoroughly before coming for your appointment.  ​

PLEASE NOTE THAT I AM NOT SET UP TO TAKE CREDIT/DEBIT CARDS.  I do take VENMO and checks drawn on local banks.


(413) 665-4977

 Dynamic Balanced Movement, Dynamic Rebalancing, Dynamic Wellness  SM2015

Sunderland, MA United States

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