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(Excerpts from "Testimonials" page)

"Karen Michaels is an extremely knowledgeable and effective practitioner. My Distance Dynamic Rebalancing session with her was more powerful than many in-person I have experienced. I found her guided meditation session transformative as well and helpful in managing my overactive mind. I highly recommend her."

"...When the pandemic hit, she offered to continue our work using distance healing, something I had no knowledge of prior to working with her. Here is where her talents shine. I was amazed at not only the physical help that she provided me through distance healing, but the spiritual uplift that came with it. She is very intune with healing energies and I have continued to gain strength and flexibility, as well as a sense of well-being. She has been a lifesaver for me and I highly recommend Karen for the multiple modalities that she uses in her bodywork, her sensitivity to the person and to her skill as a healer...."

"... With COVID in-person bodywork was out of the question, so I opted for Karen’s Distance Healing.  I was very skeptical initially and unsure how effective it could be, but am now a total believer..... she provided the same results as in-person bodywork (relaxed, comfortable muscles)....  As I said, I am now a complete believer in the Distance Healing method...."

"...I have been a recipient of both hands-on and distance healing sessions from Karen and can say that both are extremely amazing!  Distance sessions have been my lifeline during this time of quarantine isolation!..."

"... I was very skeptical when we had to switch from in person to online ballet class, I did not think that a class via zoom, with no hands on support, could be successful. I was wrong. Karen pays close attention to details, whenever I struggle with an exercise and can’t quite get it right, Karen identifies where my struggles are originating and is able to correct them with verbal cues..."


"...I have suffered with sacrum issues...Karen was able with just a few questions, to find an easy exercise I can do by myself at home that alleviates my pain...."


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