Karen Michaels has been a licensed massage therapist for 35 years, is a Movement Educator, certified Embodyoga teacher, and the developer of Dynamic Balanced Movement.  Trained originally as a modern dancer, Karen has studied ballet extensively and holds a BFA from the Boston Conservatory of Music.  Karen has been teaching dance/movement to all ages in the Pioneer Valley area since 2004.


Individual attention and support is given to each student, encouraging focus and presence, and creating an environment where students feel safe to explore and challenge themselves.

All movement classes, functional movement, and postural re-patterning sessions are taught from the perspective of Dynamic Balanced Movement, with attention to musicality (when applicable) and incorporating imagery and practicality within the modality of the class/session.

Dynamic Balanced Movement can be experienced in different settings: individual bodywork sessions, individual conditioning/functional movement/postural re-patterning sessions, group classes - correctives, dance, yoga, conditioning, or Dynamic Balanced Movement classes with a specific focus (i.e., (Dynamic Balanced Movement: Back Pain, or Dynamic Balanced Movement: Basic Yoga Asanas).

See "Movement Education: Dynamic Balanced Movement" for more information.


(All classes are currently offered only via Zoom)

(Class times/days/offerings change periodically. Please check with me for current classes.)

  Introduction To Ballet I for Adults

This class is for total beginners,  those who have not taken ballet in many years. or those who want to go over the basic building blocks of ballet.

Thursdays, 7:00 -8:30 p.m.    (Registration is through Amherst Ballet)

Introduction To Ballet II 

This class is for those with a bit of recent dance experience.

Tuesdays, 7:00 - 8:30 p.m.

High Beginner II

 This class is for those who have more experience but still are not ready for an Intermediate level class, or for those who could manage in an Intermediate class, but prefer to focus more in depth on sequencing and alignment.

Mondays, 6:00 -7:30

Description of a ballet class:

"This class is a ballet class, but it is not a "traditional" ballet class.

We often will break down ballet movements/vocabulary into smaller pieces, exploring how to do them with proper biomechanics, and finding the underlying common movement patterns.
We sometimes add conditioning/strengthening exercises, or developmental movement exercises.
We may look at how the patterning of ballet vocabulary and principles can be used in our every-day lives.
We look at and experience how the flow/pulls of energy can help us to achieve the classic ballet lines. 

Using the modality of classical ballet, we explore healthful and efficient body bio-mechanics to build strength and coordination, and to experience our own Inner Grace."

(If you are interested in a Modern dance class, please contact me)



       Combining dance, yoga, correctives, breath.  On the floor, standing, and moving across the floor.


Using the modality of classical ballet, we explore healthful and efficient body bio-mechanics to build strength and coordination, and to experience our own Inner Grace.     



We will use breath to help bring awareness to our movement patterns, focusing on freeing the diaphragm so our breath supports our movement.  This will help soothe the nervous system, and allow the body to strengthen more readily. Mat work and standing.

Introductory class followed by a class of 3 sessions.

Contact me if you are interested.



I am offering this class because I see that when many of my Therapeutic Bodywork clients exercise, they are often exacerbating old or creating new problems.

In this semi-private group lesson, we will look at and apply Dynamic Balanced Movement principles to some basic yoga asanas/exercises.

  Students will be encouraged to bring an asana/exercise to class that they would like help with.

  This semi-private class  is less expensive than a private session,  and we can learn from watching what others are experiencing/changing.  Each student will receive individual attention.


(Cardio and Strength)

Have you tried a workout class but found it hurt your back/knees, or you couldn't "keep up"?

Come try this class!

This new class will explore a basic workout that includes movements from "barre" workout classes. We will apply the principles of Dynamic Balanced Movement to everything we do, giving attention to proper bio-mechanical alignment, and how energy and weight transfer and use effect our bodies.

We will start out with a few basic movement sequences and fewer "reps", and build the full 15 minute workout over the course of a number of classes, increasing the number of "reps" and the difficulty of the class.

Classes are 30 minutes and will be held in N. Amherst. If there is enough interest, we can add a half an hour of combined modern dance/yoga.

Pre-registration is required. This helps me to get to know what physical issues each student may be working with.


"Let's Get Moving!"

This class consists of simple, everyday movements combined with more dance-like movements, set to music, and is appropriate for those who have not been moving around too much lately. Designed for increased health. "Let's Get Moving" Level 1 is for those who have not been moving much at all; "Let's Get Moving" Level 2 is for those who are ready to do a slightly more strenuous class, with more moving around the room.

Wear comfortable clothing, shoes you can move around in, and come ready to have fun!

Classes are 45 minutes.

Introduction to DYNAMIC BALANCED MOVEMENT: Back Pain

1.5 hour introductory class

You will learn some basic postural concepts and simple exercises that can help alleviate back pain.

(This class is offered periodically.)


I often offer different presentations around the area. Listed below are  a few. Please contact me if you are interested in these or other ones.

~~ BACK PAIN: Massage, Self -Care, and Other Options

Back pain can limit our ability to function well and be present in our lives. I will talk about some treatment options that can bring relief, and present some basic postural principles and simple exercises.

This is a 45 minute presentation that I bring to local libraries, community centers, etc..


 ~~ Are your FEET contributing to your back/neck/knee pain?

  I will talk about how dysfunction in  our feet can contribute to back/neck/knee pain, and teach an exercise that can help  to increase the health and proper functioning of your feet.

This is a 30 minute talk that I bring to local libraries, community centers, etc..


Learn tips that will make shoveling snow easier on your body:  Karen Michaels, owner of Bodywork Beyond Massage, will teach some easy warm-up exercises, and show, explain, and demonstrate how to shovel using proper body mechanics and proper body stance, how to bend, lift snow, shift weight and snow, and toss snow; and how proper use of our bodies while shoveling can lessen the risk of injury.  Participants will get to practice, so bring your shovel!

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Sunderland, MA United States

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