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 As of March 18, 2020, my (physical) office is temporarily closed.

  I will be shifting my teaching  to on-line, offering individual sessions of Movement Education and group classes.

  I am also offering Distance Healing sessions, which are not on-line.  A session begins with a phone check- in, followed by the main part of the session, which is followed by a phone check- out.

Please contact me directly for fees /session lengths for these sessions.

Please check my main Facebook page, Bodywork Beyond Massage, for updated information, or contact me directly.

Thank you, and, as always, I look forward to helping you .....

Increase Your  Well-Being......Find Your Inner Balance


"We are slowed down sound and light waves, a walking bundle of frequencies tuned into the cosmos. We are souls dressed up in sacred biochemical garments and our bodies are the instruments through which our souls play their music."                                   Albert Einstein



Saturday, November 2, 9:00   220 Russell Street at Restore Physical Therapy

Tuesday, November 5, 6:00    Sunderland Public Library

Learn tips that will make shoveling snow easier on your body:  Karen Michaels, owner of Bodywork Beyond Massage, will teach some easy warm-up exercises, and show, explain, and demonstrate how to shovel using proper body mechanics and proper body stance, how to bend, lift snow, shift weight and snow, and toss snow; and how proper use of our bodies while shoveling can lessen the risk of injury.  Participants will get to practice, so bring your shovel!

See Bodywork Beyond Massage on Facebook and BodyworkBeyondMassage.com for more information, or call 413-665-4977

Karen Michaels has been a licensed massage therapist for over 30 years, is a Movement Educator, certified Embodyoga teacher, and the developer of Dynamic Balanced Movement.


Recent Class:

Dynamic Balanced Movement: Dance Flow

Class combines dance, correctives, breath, yoga and will include on the floor, standing, and moving across the floor



 *** I saw this post on the page of Deep Massage Society (courtesy of David Lauterstein).  It explains a lot about why I work the way that I do:*****

The linear and oversimplified models of movement obviously break down when you look closely. For instance, even the terms agonist and antagonist and prime mover (for God's sake!) lead us astray. No one muscle is responsible for movement. For one to flex, another has to extend - so they are, rather than antagonistic, partners in a circuit of movement. And rather than these muscles and fascia running in straight lines, everywhere there are curves - you can't find a straight line anywhere in nature!

And as this article clarifies, between the actions of fluids, movements and the woven character of fascia, it is common sense to see and feel the effects of movement throughout the body, not merely in the muscles in question.

Batia Biller shared a post to the group: ‎Israeli Association for Structural Integration (Rolfing) (רולפינג)‎.

PhysioosteobookLike Page

April 13 at 12:20 PM · 


Biomechanics are traditionally explained in a Newtonian/linear language involving classic concepts such as simple levers, beams and pulleys.

Recent studies of LIVING bodies (rather than pickled cadavers) show that living tissue behaves in a way that is not so easily explained by levers and pulleys.

Fascia is a fluid-dynamic system with layers of collagen fibers aligned at alternating angles and orientations. When one considers the “simple” action of elbow flexion, one could explain it as a simple pulley in which the biceps exerts a force on the distal beam and via a tendon pulley action, creates elbow flexion and forearm supination. This is an oversimplification.

Another more accurate model to explain this would be contraction of the biceps fibers causes a change in the tension of it’s fascial tube/sleeve which due to continuity to the fascial tube of the forearm, causes a global tensional change to the thumb via the deep fascia associated with the thenar muscles.

When a muscle contacts it shortens in the tube but it also increases the pressure within the tube via fluid dynamics of blood and interstitial fluid being compressed. This compression creates an equal pressure outward into the fascial network, creating force transmission along the collagen fibers (light blue).

As we can see in these images, the collagen fiber directions change at each layer but assume an overlapped 45-55 degree orientation of a SPIRAL or helix. This influences the macro motion of the fascial chain creating a spiral through the whole arm resulting in not only elbow flexion, but paired motions of humeral internal rotation and forearm supination.

Complex? Yes. 
The body is complex and movement is complex but understanding tissue dynamics helps influence understanding of injury and therapy mechanisms. Fiber micro anatomy influences macromovements.

Credit: Anatomy Links

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Recently published book by Karen Gabler, a Zero Balancer, Fascial Release practitioner, and movement educator: Your Body's Brilliant Design

Dawson Church, The Genie in Your Genes
Bruce Lipton, The Biology of Belief
Candace B. Pert, Molecules of Emotion

Fritz F. Smith, Inner Bridges
Fritz F. Smith, Alchemy of Touch

James Oschman, Energy Medicine in Therapeutics and Human Performance

Craig, Eden, and Fernstein, The Promise of Energy Psychology

David Lauterstein, Putting the Soul Back in the Body: A Manual of Imaginative Anatomy for Massage Therapists

John Hamwee, Zero Balancing: Touching the Energy of Bone

Judith Sullivan, The Attitude of Awaiting A Fish

Valerie V. Hunt, Infinite Mind

Robert Becker and Gary Selden, The  Body Electric


~~ The Zero Balancing Touch Foundation has recently completed two limited EEG studies, and found, among other things, that:

"...Initial evidence indicates a change in brain waves where the subject drops into deeper states during a ZB session that are different from those manifest during a rest period."

~~ "The latest research shows that changes in energy fields actually precede disease and illness....Zero Balancing deals with energy and energy fields directly, as well as with body structure...." (Zero Balancing Health Association)


Offices in Hadley and Sunderland, MA United States



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