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Cancellation/Scheduling Policies



Prior to scheduling your first appointment,  I will need to speak directly with you.  This is typically a 10-15 minute conversation.

(From a blog post, March 23, 2023: )

"When a new client contacts me, I want to speak with them by phone before scheduling their appointment. I want to find out what their expectations/hopes are for a session. I also want to find out a bit about their history and why they are seeking treatment, and see if we would be a "good fit" to work together. I want to be able to help determine what length sessions might be best for them (Right now, I offer session lengths of 30, 45, 60, and 75 minutes. I have, based upon client needs, offered 15 minute sessions.), and then we can proceed to schedule their appointment based upon our overlapping availability.

When I schedule clients I also take into account the other types of sessions I will have that day/week.

These are some of the reasons I do not offer online scheduling."


    Call me at (413) 665-4977                                                               

 If you find the answering machine on, please leave a message.  Because of my schedule, I am sometimes not able to return calls immediately.  If I have not returned your call within 2 days, it would be because of an answering machine glitch; please call again or email me.​           

(Please see the separate page for COVID Related Policies and Protocols.  in  addition to regular health/intake forms, I now have COVID related forms that must be carefully read, and honestly, accurately, and fully filled out prior to an appointment.)  

See below for more detail regarding cancellation policies.


    Cancellations, Late Arrivals, and Missed Appointments:
    ​​(See the separate page for COVID  Related Policies and Protocols.  In short, you will not be charged for a late cancellation if you are exhibiting any indicators for caution regarding possible COVID.)

    Please understand that I have taken your appointment time into account when scheduling the rest of my clients.

    My cancellation policy is:  At least 24 hours advance notice if you find you need to cancel an appointment, or you will be charged the full appointment fee. 

    If you know you will need to miss/change a scheduled appointment, please let me know as soon as you can.
    I realize life can be hectic, and that unexpected things sometimes happen.  If you are frequently cancelling appointments,  we may need to make changes in how we schedule for you, or to re-evaluate if these treatments are appropriate for you at this time.

    ~~ Appointments cancelled less than 24 hours before their scheduled time will be considered “late cancellations” and my policy is to charge the full fee. 
    ~~ If you arrive late for your appointment, you will still be charged for the full session time, and we will work within the remainder of your scheduled time. 
    ~~ A missed/forgotten appointment is considered a “late cancellation”,  and a full fee will be charged.

    ​           You may also email me at
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