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How Can There be Anything Better Than A Nice, Relaxing, Massage?

How can there be anything better than a nice, relaxing, massage that gets out all of the tension and tight spots?

To be honest, for some people, nothing is better. But for many people, a Dynamic Rebalancing therapeutic bodywork session actually provides a deeper and longer lasting sense of relaxation and release of deeply held tensions and tight spots than they feel with massage therapy- even for those who thought there could be nothing better than a massage, until they tried a Dynamic Rebalancing session!

Some reasons people prefer a Dynamic Rebalancing session to a massage are:

~~ They find they relax more deeply, and that sense of deep relaxation lasts longer.

~~ Tensions and tight spots are gently and readily melted into an ease and pliability that seems to last longer than after a massage, and their body begins to understand that new patterns of movement are available (a Movement session can help to further awareness of /access to new, more ease-filled, patterns of movement).

~~ Change in the body that occurs during this type of session involves the entire body, and thus is often deeper, and longer-lasting, than change that may occur after a massage.

~~ This type of session seems to help people feel more supported and "seen", and helps to reset the nervous system (taking people out of "flight or fight" into what I call "rest and recover" or "rest and restore"), bringing people to a place of deeply felt calmness.

~~ A Dynamic Rebalancing session can help bring someone through the final stages of movement recovery after an injury or surgery in different ways than a massage might.

~~ Clients remain clothed for this type of session, and no oils /lotions are used.

As with a therapeutic massage session, a Dynamic Rebalancing session helps to alleviate aches and pains for those who sit/type all day long, or those who are beginning to exercise; helps to integrate high levels of physical activity; and helps recovery from an recent or older injury.


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