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Conscious Contact - New Possibilites

We are physical beings, and energetic beings. Sometimes the physical and energetic are one and the same, sometimes there is a bit of distance/distinction between them. The support of conscious contact, whether through physical touch or another medium, is powerful. When I do a therapeutic bodywork session with someone hands-on, in-person, I am contacting their physical body to access the structure of both the physical and energy body. When I do a therapeutic bodywork session with someone via Distance, I am doing the opposite: contacting their energy body to access the structure of both the energy body and the physical body. Both forms of treatment have benefit/advantages. Time flows differe

Shifting to an On-line Practice, Opening to More Possibility

As of March 18, my physical office closed (temporarily, I hope) due to the Coronavirus. Since then, I have shifted both my Therapeutic Bodywork and my Movement Education practice to an on-line format. As always, my goals are to help clients and students Increase their Well-Being and Find their Inner Balance, and to help them find more healthful and comfortable ways to move through their daily routines. For Therapeutic Bodywork, this has meant shifting the bodywork that I do into a Distance Healing format. For Movement Education, I am using Zoom to work with clients/students. I have done Distance Healing with family and friends for many years, and have various trainings in techniques that rel

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