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More tips for shoveling

To add a few pointers: ~ Keep your chin pointed down a bit, toward your collarbones, rather than lifting toward the sky ( which puts more strain on on your neck). ~ DO NOT TWIST and TOSS the snow!! As much as possible, stay facing front- one can achieve this by stepping on one foot and then the other to change the facing of your body (sorry, this is very hard to write). ~ Alternate movements: Do not repeat the same movements over and over. Alternate which arm is higher on the shovel, and which foot is more to the front. See your trusted bodywork practitioner on a regular basis!!!

Tips for Shoveling Snow

This is a re-post from a few years ago. During a snowfall predicted to be more than 5 inches, consider going out mid-snowfall and doing one round of shoveling. Feel free to contact me should you want a personalized shoveling lesson. February 7, 2014 SHOVELING TIPS New England in the winter…….Here are some helpful hints for shoveling: For a deep or heavy snowfall, it is better to shovel in layers: Shovel only the top few inches first, and then the bottom half. Although this may at first seem like a lot more work, your body will be happier after you are all finished. Choose your stance with care: I suggest a parallel stance, with your toes and knees facing directly ahead, and your heels

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