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Some more thoughts during these challenging times....

I am speaking with many people who are feeling either outright anxiety, guilt, dread, grief, a sense of loss, and other feelings, or an underlying sense of these. Some are experiencing full-blown panic attacks. Some are experiencing none of these, but are feeling uncharacteristically irritable and short -tempered, are not able to sleep or concentrate, etc.. Some people are filled with a sense of apprehension as they wait: wait to get sick, wait for a loved one to get sick, or to get better; wait to find out if they will get unemployment or not, if their landlord will evict them or not. Some people are filled with a sense of dread as they try to figure out how they will pay their bills - u

Infuse Your Body and Spirit With Joy

Here is a little experiment for you to try: Hold your arms out to the sides, and feel as if they have been infused with sadness. Note if there are any changes as a result- do they feel heavier? Mushier? Stronger? Weaker? Now feel as if your arms have been infused with joy. Note if there are any changes as a result of allowing them to be infused with joy - do they feel heavier? Lighter? Longer? Shorter? Weaker? Stronger? Another experiment to try: First “take stock of” and note whatever you note about certain specific areas -perhaps your lower back, your neck and shoulders, the length of your spine, your feet. Imagine you are walking down the street. The weather is your least favorite, and yo

Suggestions for supporting oneself

I hope you are all doing well. These are trying times. While my physical office remains closed, I am frequently posting on my facebook page, Bodywork Beyond Massage. A few recommendations: If possible, go outside and walk around (of course, maintaining at least 6-15 feet between yourself and others). Repetitive movement, such as walking, helps soothe our nervous system. You do not need to "Power walk"; just walk. Appreciate what you see/hear around you. Notice the blossoming plant life. Feel your feet on the ground/road/path, and note how that surface supports you. Soften and deepen your breathing: soften the area over your rib cage in the back and sides and front of your body - allow thes

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