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Opposition: Forces moving in opposite directions; can be supportive.


Without oppositional flows we would be in a puddle on the ground

I am always so excited for my clients when chronic areas of pain/restriction/weakness let go. My experience has been that this happens more readily, and lasts longer, when our sessions combine Bodywork Beyond Massage’s Movement Education with Therapeutic Bodywork.

Today I worked with a client for our second session focusing specifically on beginning the use of oppositional flows/traction.

Once we begin to be able to discern different flows within our body, we begin to be able to guide/direct/redirect them. Once we begin to be able to do this, we can speed our healing process by awakening areas that have not been functioning well and bringing them into a more ideal balance/function.

When we change/alter/disturb our habitual postural patterns, body parts can become confused about where to go, where to flow, what qualities of energy to use, how to hold/direct, etc..

That is okay. Whenever we make a change in a closed system, the entire system is thrown off and needs to reorganize around that change.

So the work we then do helps to reorganize around the changes that have occurred

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