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Gravity and Structure: Guidelines and Check-Points

Over the years, I have done distance healing sessions with family and friends.

When my physical office closed (temporarily, I hope) due to COVID in mid-March 2020, I started offering these sessions to clients.

My distance sessions are very much physical/structurally based. You can see previous blog posts for more about this.

I have some clients who have been “coming” for these sessions regularly since March.

As mentioned in previous blog posts, for these sessions, I am basically working as if I were working with someone hands-on, in-person, following the same principles/sequences/progressions.

When I say that for distance sessions I place clients into positions or move them in certain ways, I am envisioning doing so.

When I work with someone hands-on, in- person, the work is, due to the nature of our physical bodies, very 2 dimensional. I believe my work does enter the 3 dimensional realm on a regular basis, but due to the constraints/makeup of our physical structure/gravity, not too far into that dimension.

One of the things that is wonderful about working hands-on, in-person, is the physical contact – either skin on skin, or skin on clothing. This type of contact can be supportive, grounding, comforting; can help people to define their boundaries, and to remind them of where they are in space.

This physical contact, by virtue of what it is, has limitations. I cannot put my hand through someone’s body and work on their inside space (I can, and do, work a bit within someone’s inner spaces, 3 dimensionally, energetically). I cannot put someone’s physical body into certain positions. We must work within the confines of gravity.

One of my favorite things about distance sessions is: I am NOT confined by physical restrictions/the structure of our physical bodies, nor by gravity. I CAN contact and work with the inside space of someone’s body (3 dimensional work). In a distance session, our work can go very much into/onto the realm of 3 dimensional. If this interests you, we can talk more about it. If it sounds absurd to you, it does not have to be relevant to our work together.

A distance session is, in ways, similar to TV, radio, WiFi: although I am not in the same location as the person I am working with, we are energetically/electrically connecting.

I use that energetic connection to access my client’s energetic AND physical bodies. My distance sessions are very structurally/physically based, and people report both energetic and physical responses: among other things, their aches and pains are reduced/go away, they feel an increased sense of calm.

Gravity and structure become less relevant - they become less restrictions, and more guidelines and check-points.

This past week, in different distance sessions, I used specific techniques from an Advanced-Myofascial course to evaluate and treat certain areas/restrictions, incorporating also Zero Balancing principles and some massage techniques. Because we were doing our work via distance, I was able to place these clients into positions, and move their bodies in ways, I would not have been able to, had we been working hands- on, in-person.

In one session, my client had been experiencing numbness in their arms for a while, and it had increased to the point where it was occurring when driving.

That evening, after our session, one arm felt a good deal better, and by the next day, both arms felt better, and did not get numb when driving.

This client has also been experienced numbness and burning in their feet and legs for some time. We have ONLY been doing distance work for 7 months, and yet this burning and numbness has greatly abated, it seems (See Below) due to our sessions.

In another session, I had a different client also with arm issues. By using similar techniques/principles to those mentioned above, we were able to offer this client much relief as well.

Interestingly, distance work can feel very deeply supportive, both physically and emotionally (I say “can” because although many people feel supported with this work, not everyone does).

I mentioned “See Below” because: I have no exact certain “proof” that these sessions are what have been helping these, and other, clients.

These clients do report that, after a distance session, they feel better – less achey, more comfortable, less /no pain, improved mood, more ease in movement and at rest.

I never “guarantee” that I can “do” something “to” or “for” a client, even in a hands-on, in-person session. I do not promise that I will remove/decrease someone’s pain/discomfort, etc., because everyone responds differently, for a myriad of reasons. Also, I have seen people get up off my table and clearly, to me, have greatly increased range of motion, but they do not notice any change/improvement.

What clients report happens to/for them during/after our distance sessions indicates strongly that it IS the work that occurs during these sessions that brings change and ease into their Body/Mind/Spirit, and into their lives; that helps them to Increase their Well-Being, Find their Inner Balance, and Find More Comfortable Ways to Move Through Their Daily Routines.

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