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"Do you do the same thing with every client?"

People have asked me if I follow the same format/"do the same thing" with every Therapeutic Bodywork client, or with every Movement or Stress Reduction student/client.

The answer is no.

One of the "maps" I use to determine what to do in a given session is based, in part, upon Zero Balancing, Zoga, and Embodyoga/Body-Mind Centering concepts.

I look at 6 main areas of the body: pelvic (including pelvic diaphragm), thoracic diaphragm ("breathing" diaphragm), feet (which may include legs and knees), shoulder girdle (which can include arms, elbows, and hands), skull, and spine/ribs.

I explore these areas to help determine how movement and transfer of weight and energy is flowing, or is restricted, across joints and through soft tissue and fascia.

I do not follow the same protocol for each session type I do. However, I do hold in my awareness a certain protocol, and then expand from/weave into that protocol as seems appropriate (from the "About" page on my website: "Each session focuses on what would be most beneficial for that specific person on that specific day; and that day's treatment will fit in with the longer-range treatment plan for that individual.").

If I am seeing someone for one or two sessions, or 2-3 times each year, the focus /continuity/goals of those sessions

would be different than if I were seeing them on a more frequent/regular basis.

I will also approach a session with a client differently if they are coming for a specific acute problem or injury versus a chronic (ongoing) restriction/issue, or if they are coming specifically to increase their well-being and find their inner balance.


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