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"DYNAMIC BALANCED MOVEMENT focuses on proper bio-mechanical body use and quality of movement, and examines how the patterns of energy and weight transfer/use dictate how we move/rest in stillness."

But what does that mean?!

Proper bio-mechanical body use is the way our bodies are designed to move; how to utilize the way they are put together for maximum ease and potential.

Quality of movement: A stiff body will have a different quality of movement than a body that can move with fluid ease. Jerky movements have a different quality of movement than smooth movements.

"Patterns of energy and weight transfer/use": Energy can flow through our bodies - or not - it can get stuck, congested, blocked. Patterns of energy flow/restriction develop over time, the same way the wheels of a car can make ruts in a muddy road. Patterns of how energy is transferred/used through joints or other body parts (and quality of movement can come into play here) directly influence and dictate how we move, and also how we rest in stillness - how we sit at our desk, or on a couch, for example.

The transfer and use of weight also involves quality, timing, angles, alignment, etc..

DYNAMIC BALANCED MOVEMENT can be experienced in a movement class setting. While you are receiving a therapeutic bodywork session (either a massage, Signature Session, or Zero Balancing session) from me, I will be using principles of Dynamic Balanced Movement to note how pattern of energy/weight transfer/use have influenced and shaped your body.

"Becoming aware of one's "internal landscape" is helpful in order to bring about changes in one's postural patterns.": Guided imagery, visualization, or bringing the awareness of the student/person receiving the therapeutic bodywork session to what they are experiencing can begin to bring the "internal landscape" into focus. From there, one can begin to create change.

"Understanding that one's thought patterns influence postural patterns is also helpful.": Think for a moment about how you might stand as you are walking down a street, on a vacation day, in your favorite weather, in a place you enjoy. Notice how different areas of your body feel - your lower back, your shoulders, perhaps your neck.

Now think about how you might stand as you are walking down a street, in a hurry on a very busy, overscheduled-with-unpleasant appointments- day, in your least favorite weather. Notice your lower back, shoulder, neck.

Are you holding them differently in one scenario than the other?

These are all elements of DYNAMIC BALANCED MOVEMENT.

If you are interested in classes, either individual or group, or in a therapeutic bodywork session, please contact me.

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