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How Many Visits Will It Take Before I Can Tell If Your Work Is Helping Me? How Frequently Should I Come In?

People often want to know how many visits it will take before they can tell if our work together is helpful for them. Another question often asked is "How often do I need to come in for a session?"

The short answer to both of these questions is: "It depends". It depends on why you are coming, what is going on for you and how long it has been occurring, what kind of change you are hoping to experience, what kind of stress you are experiencing and how you process that, etc..

People come in for different reasons. Different people's bodies/psyches are subjected to different levels/type of stress, and each person reacts differently to a session.

Often people notice a positive change after their first visit - for example, if they have been in pain, they often notice that their pain has lessened or gone away; if they are hoping to release an area of chronic tightness, they may notice the area feels a bit looser. (Sometimes, a person's pain/tightness can get worse for a day or two after a session, but then should subside. This is unusual, but, for certain reasons, it can happen.)

 Or, it may take a few sessions before they become consciously aware of positive change.

If someone is coming in to Increase Well-Being and Find Inner Balance, althought they may note change after 1 session, it can take a body/psyche a while before they decide things are safe and that they can begin to let go of old patterns.

Generally, I suggest that people come in for 3-4 sessions before determining if our work together is helping.

How frequently someone should come in for a session will also vary from person to person, or for one person that frequency can change over time.

Initially, I encourage people to come in more frequently- because coming in once a week for 6 weeks, for example, generally offers more lasting benefit than coming in once a month for 6 months: same number of visits, but visits closer together in time tend to have more impact.

If financial and time budgets allow, I suggest to most people that they come in once a week for 6-8 visits.

However, any recommendation I would make about the frequency of ongoing visits would be made after our first or second session together.


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