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Too tight!!!

The past few weeks have reminded me that it is not uncommon for people to experience pain because, to put it simply, the clothing they are wearing is too tight.

I have seen numerous instances where acute and long term foot discomfort has been due to shoes that are too narrow, too short, the wrong shape, the wrong type of foot bed/support. (I have also seen foot pain be perpetuated when people with foot pain, thinking "softer is better", wear slippers everyplace.)

I have seen numerous instances where low back/hip/thigh pain was due to pants (especially at the waistband) being too tight.

And I have also seen numerous instances where midback/upper trapezius/neck pain (front, side, and back) and even headaches were due to bras being too tight around the band, or the straps being too wide (contrary to popular belief that a wider strap disperses weight more evenly and thus more comfortably, for many women, a wider strap is more uncomfortable) or pulled too short.

There has been miuch discussion/many studies done over the past 10-20 years about how the ways that we sit/stand can affect our posture, and how our muscles and internal organs can thus become compromised. As a result, now many people understand that how we position our bodies has ramifications.

I would like to see attention given to how what we wear can affect pain/tightness/discomfort.

If you are experiencing pain and come to see me, we can consider if any of these things might be a contributing factor to your discomfort.


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