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Part II

Part II

A few more things you can do before getting out there and greeting the world for the day.

“Set your intention for the day”: What kind of day do you want to have? This is not about the myriad of tasks you want to complete that day, nor the specifics of the logistics of your day. This is more about the quality of how your day goes. What types of interactions would you like to have with people, tasks, and the world around you? How would you like people to treat/respond to you today? And you to them?

For example, “My intent for the day is to consciously be kind”. Or: “Today I would like to achieve my tasks with ease and honesty”, or: “At the end of today, I would like to feel that I have accomplished my tasks for the day with generosity and efficiency”.

Do you have any wishes of good intent for other people or our planet? If so, this is a good time to remind yourself of them. For example, you can envision our planet glowing in a white-gold light, brimming with good health and proper balance. You can envision your interactions with others occurring within a circle of the same white-gold light.

Once you have spent some time as described above, you can turn your attention to your logistics for the day, calmly envisioning where you need to be and what you need to do.

As you go through your day, remind yourself to breathe, and if you can, find a moment to practice some Soothing Diaphragm Breathing. Check in with yourself and notice if you are clenching/clutching/gripping any of your body parts (mouth, shoulders, neck, low back, knees, etc.) and if so, see if you can gently and kindly unclench, and allow those areas to support you with buoyancy instead.

Often times we need to pay conscious attention in order to change stressfully tight areas/restrictions in our bodies into ease-filled, more pliable, ones, until this way of attending to ourselves becomes a habit. After we have practiced turning our attention to these things for a while, it becomes easier to do., and the rewards are many.

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