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Because We Are So Much More....


Because we are so much more than muscles and circulation and stress.

We are bone. We are fascia. We are ligaments and joints and the spaces in between. We are fluids. We are structure. We are energy. We are hopes, aspirations, and dreams. We are patterns – patterns of movement; patterns of loss; patterns of compensation; patterns of joy.

My training as a homeopath has taught me to listen, and to note patterns. My training as musician and dancer has taught me to see, feel, and hear rhythm and stillness in both movement and stillness; to see, hear, and feel patterns of ease versus restriction; to find and expand balance, buoyant support, and harmony.

All of these become a part of the weave of the work that I do with clients, whether it is therapeutic bodywork - Dynamic Rebalancing, Zero Balancing, or massage - Movement Education, or a combination.

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