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"Are you good with shoulders?"

People ask me, "Are you good with shoulders?" or "Are you good with knees?" or "Do you specialize in people who are/have....": Fill in the blanks: people who are recovering from surgery, people who have fibromyalgia, people who have knee pain, people who are serious athletes, people who are beginning an exercise program, etc..

The short answers are yes, yes, and no.

1. "Do you specialize in people who...": I realize that we are often advised to seek out someone who specializes in

whatever ails us. However, my perspective is different:

I "specialize" in the human body. See more about this below, after I have answered the above questions. No, I do not "specialize" in any specific "condition"/group of people.

2. "Are you good with shoulders?": One of the problems with this perspective is that an injury/ post-surgical recovery/ chronic pain in an area - here, in the shoulder - usually is not limited to/does not stem from/does not just effect that specific area. Other areas in the body, either near by or far from the area, are effected or could be "the cause" , and need to be involved in the healing process. Yes, people who come to me

with shoulder issues find relief from pain and increased ease in movement.

3. "Are you good with knees?" See #2 above.

I "specialize" in the human body. Although I can chose to work "locally", in a small specific area, I often work "globally",

working with the body as an entire connected system. One can effect a change in a specific area of the body by working

elsewhere in the body as well as by working in that area.

The bodywork techniques I specialize in are primarily Zero Balancing and fascial release therapies. My work is heavily influenced by my trainings as a dancer, musician, homeopath, and yoga teacher.

My work focuses on how the patterns of energy and weight transfer and use, combined with "holding" patterns, have created pathways in the body: how the patterns of energy transfer and energy use, and the patterns of weight transfer and weight use, have created pathways in the body, and thus effect us in motion and in stillness.

These pathways can help or hinder us as we seek to increase our well - being and find our inner - balance.

The work that I do strives to strengthen the patterns that help us, and release the patterns that hinder us.

focus is and use, combined witpathways in the body.

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