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It has been 6 months, Time to: Increase Your Well-Being...Find Your Inner Balance

It has been 6 months....... 6 months of this pandemic, of increasing unrest and violence in our country, increasing political chaos, increasing climate change, wildfires out of control, floods, etc...

For many people/families, there has been much loss: loss of loved ones, of jobs, of income, of housing, of routines; and much increasing uncertainty about what is coming regarding housing, medical care, finances, jobs....

For some people/families, there has been little impact financially, and they have been able to continue their lives with minimal disruption.

I don't normally write Blog or Facebook posts that mention political/current events.

I do feel that, right now, what is going on in our country is drastically effecting the health and well-being of us all.

So, how do we maintain, or Increase, our Well-Being in the midst of all that is going on? How do we maintain, or Find/Refind, our Inner Balance?

Obviously, it will be different for each of us, but generally, I recommend doing these things daily:

~ Create some quiet time for yourself and be still (In a Stress Reduction session via Zoom, we can help you to come up with ideas).

~ Create a "self- care " routine for yourself (Again, in a Stress Reduction session via Zoom, we can help you to come up with ideas).

~ Move: gentle slow smooth movements are soothing to the nervous system. Walking is great, so is gentle yoga (Please note: Depending upon your circumstances, walking/gentle yoga may aggravate pain you may be experiencing. For you, a Movement Education session via Zoom might be very helpful). Of course, you can also move more vigorously.

~ Stay hydrated - drink plenty of water. Some people find it helpful to, at the start of their day, pour the total amount they would like to drink that day. They pour it either into a pitcher, or line up a number of glasses in their counter. This way, they can see throughout the day how much they are drinking, and how much more they need to drink!.

~ Eat well. Some people find it helpful to, at the start of their day, set on a plate some sliced vegetables and whatever else they would like to eat for "healthful eating". They set that plate back in the fridge, and nibble from it throughout the day/in between meals (To help define your goals and come up with ways that can make it easier for you to stick to them, a Dynamic Wellness consult via Zoom can be helpful.).

~ Get enough rest. Bolster your immune system.

~ Be Kind to Yourself. Be Kind to Others.

I have recently started seeing clients for short, outdoor, hands-on, in-person treatments. At some point, I will re-open for indoor, hands-on, in-person treatments.

Has it been many months since you received any therapeutic bodywork? Been to the gym or a fitness class?

Right now, I can offer you conscious, supportive, caring, contact without direct hands-on, in-person, physical touch, either via Distance Dynamic Rebalancing or Zoom sessions.

Clients who receive these sessions report that they experience reduced muscle aches/tension/pain and reduced levels of stress/anxiety, and increased feelings of well-being.

Please see Blog Posts from June 30, May 29, and May 5 for more information as well as pages on this website: Distance/Online Sessions: About, and Distance/Online Versus In-person: Experiences

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