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45 Minutes Of Dynamic Rebalancing Might Be Enough!

The idea of massage therapy offering numerous health benefits has become more widely accepted, and along with that is the idea that a session needs to be 60 or 90 minutes, and preferably " deep tissue", for maximum "effect".

My experience has shown me that this is not always true.

Over my many years as a licensed and practicing massage therapist, clients loved my massage therapy work.

As I added Zero Balancing and then fascial release work, clients loved those sessions as well.

Now my therapeutic bodywork practice consists mainly of Dynamic Rebalancing sessions (you can see my website page "Therapeutic Bodywork" or contact me directly for a description of this type of work), and I have noted that many people prefer a Dynamic Rebalancing session instead of a massage therapy session.

They find that Dynamic Rebalancing sessions contact the body on very deep levels, releasing chronic and acute areas of pain/restriction and enhancing well-being, and that these (and other) benefits last longer than those received in a therapeutic massage session.

Many clients find these sessions to be at least as effective as deep- tissue therapeutic massage in releasing deeply held areas of tension, and in offering their Body/Mind/Spirit the opportunity to enter a deeply relaxed state.

A Dynamic Rebalancing session can be very powerful. Because of this, for some people, 60 or 90 minutes is not always the best session length time- sometimes a 45 minute (or even 30) session is better.

Often, the length of a session time is less important in helping resolve chronic/acute issues than the frequency of sessions, or the length of time in between sessions.

For people who are dealing with chronic /acute pain issues, coming in once a week for 6ish sessions is usually the best way to begin, and from there, lengthening the amount of time in between sessions. Each person is different, bringing different needs/concerns to our work together, and responding differently.

Some people come in weekly as a means of keeping stress levels manageable. Some people come in monthly; some people come in a few times a year.

For some people, coming in every 2, 3, or 4 weeks on a regular basis is what works best for their bodies, and fits their time and financial budgets.

I can offer my suggestions about session length time and frequency based upon how you respond to our sessions.


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