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A Different Approach

I have always approached teaching/exploring movement differently

from the "typical" ways, and over the years and with many different types of trainings, my approach has solidified into what I call Dynamic Balanced Movement.

Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen's work, based in developmental anatomy, is one approach that has given more depth/basis to the work/approach that has been instinctive to me for over 50 years, and she so eloquently expresses herself.

In her words:

"...We're often taught to use our muscles to fixate our bodies to look or move in a certain way. Postures and movements have to look 'this way', our bodies have to look 'like this'.

We focus on how to fit and force ourselves into an idea of a form rather than how our muscles can guide us into finding comfort, which then opens up more possibilities.

Our muscles have their own inner world and interrelationships that, when explored, open up another way of knowing and experiencing movement...."

When we understand the full range of possibility of muscles, we have so much more possibility in movement, comfort, and consciousness....."

Dynamic Balanced Movement influences how I teach/explore movement, and how I approach therapeutic bodywork, even when my client is seated/lying on a treatment table.


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