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Dr. Suess and Zoom

I can teach you an exercise class in a chair,

with me here, and with you there.

We can work with your asanas

and bring in more ease.

I can Help bring more ease

to whatever you please.

With me here and you in your room,

I can teach you these things, over Zoom.

We can stretch, strengthen, or raise your heart rate,

help you calm down, or learn to meditate.

Look through my website, so many pages-

peruse Pages: Movement, Blog, Stress Reduction;

Testimonials, News, Classes and Presentations.

I'd be happy to address any hesitations.

Movement and Bodywork -

I've been doing this awhile,

using imagery and energy to bring you a smile.

Increase Your Well-Being

Leave pain behind

Find Inner Balance

In body and mind


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