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Existing Within/ As a Part of/ The Others

Existing Within/ As a Part of/ The Others

When learning Zero Balancing, one learns that one of the main principles is: Zero Balancing seeks to balance energy and structure within the body, and that the “entry” point of Zero Balancing work is through the bones.

Seems simple, yes? But the more one learns, one realizes there is no way to separate energy from structure- that they both exist within/as a part of/ the other.

So the question(s) here then become(s): what/where is the structure within this energy? Or the energy within this structure? Or more accurately, what is the pattern of the structure within this pattern of energy?

I have been a certified Zero Balancer for over 20 years, and I still find this so intriguing, so rich, and so filled with potential and possibility.

A favorite quote of mine from Dr. Fritz Smith, the developer of Zero Balancing:

“In essence, the quality of energy and structure and their relationship to one another in the body – directly affects how well we function… physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.”

A number of years ago I began focusing more and more on the fascia on the body, although still following/guided by the principles and perspectives of Zero Balancing. Fascia weaves into bone, so this makes sense. And, we cannot really separate the fascia in the bone away from the bone, nor the bone away from the fascia. They exist within/as part of/ the other. (To be clear, fascia exists in many other areas of the body in addition to bone.)

Movement has always seemed to me to be an integral part of how we heal our bodies.

In my practice, I have divided the work I do into 3 categories: Bodywork, Movement, and Stress Reduction.

Similar thoughts to those in the first paragraph above arise: There is no way to separate Bodywork from Movement from Stress Reduction: the three exist within/as part of/ the others. There is Stress Reduction in the Movement, and in the Bodywork. There is Bodywork within the Stress Reduction and the Movement. There is Movement within the Bodywork and the Stress Reduction.

Some cultures/ healing traditions view us as beings of Body/Mind/Spirit. Some view us as physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual beings. Some view us as spiritual and physical beings, some view us as energetic beings.

Again, for me, similar thoughts arise: There is no way to separate our physical from our energetic from our spiritual from our mental: they exist within/ as a part of/ each other.

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