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Kindness is Vastly Underrated

Increase Your Well-Being......Find Your Inner Balance

Too often we just continue forging ahead, ignoring discomfort/pain/distress. Yes, sometimes it seems we have no choice but to do so.

Sometimes, though, we can begin to find moments of support and increased ease; either from what we manage to do for ourselves, or from support from others.

Moments can become a "practice"- a moment here and then again a moment there...., and we can seek them out and increase their frequency.

Although at times it may seem incredibly hard or even unattainable, I encourage my clients ands students to extend kindness and support to themselves, and I seek ways to support them as they explore doing so.

Kindness is vastly underrated. A smile, holding a door for someone, speaking a kind word, asking if you can help, listening to someone and really trying to hear what they are saying and what that means to them....

Being kind to oneself is also vastly underrated.

Please take time to eat well, stay hydrated, get enough sleep, and move your body in ways that bring you Joy.

If possible, try some of these as well: Receive therapeutic bodywork sessions. Participate in organized movement classes that support you, and/or go for walks. Learn how to breathe with ease. Maybe learn how to meditate.

Although for many of us it may seem easier to extend kindness to others than to ourselves, once we begin to practice extending kindness to ourselves on a regular basis, it becomes easier to do so, and extending kindness to others often begins to take on more depth and meaning.

Be Healthy. Be Kind. To Yourself, and to Others.

Believe in Our Resilience. Revel in Happiness.


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