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Movement and Stress Reduction via Zoom

A reminder that I am still offering remote (via Zoom) Movement and Stress Reduction sessions/classes. These can be individual sessions or small group classes (please see my website, for more information- pages: Classes and Presentations; Movement; Stress Reduction). In a Zoom Movement session/class some of the things we can focus on would include movements that help to reduce pain or increase mobility; movements a client might be doing with their fitness trainer or in an exercise or yoga class; movements that a client needs to do throughout their day that they may be experiencing some difficulty with.

My approach to movement is rooted in the worlds of dance and developmental and experiential movement. This is very different than typical fitness training, or even Pilates based work.

In a Zoom Stress Reduction session/class some things we might focus on could include bringing more freedom and ease into the breath; soothing the nervous system; learning or refining ways to meditate or to bring more calm into daily life. A session/class can also be a combination of both Movement and Stress Reduction.

Clients/students have been surprised and quite pleased with the results of having these session/classes via Zoom.



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