Nearly 11 Months....

Nearly 11 Months…..

It has been nearly 11 months since I temporarily closed my physical office due to the coronavirus.

At first I thought the closure would be 4-6 weeks, then an additional 4, then another 4…..and here we are, nearly 11 months later, and my physical office is still closed.

I love exploring things related to the body and movement and energy, and I am grateful and fortunate that over the past 11 months I have been able to study, teach, and work with clients online and via distance.

I have been taking many courses, a few single ones here and there, but mostly longer series of classes focusing on advanced myofascial treatments (, Til Luchau); its partner movement intervention courses, Zoga (Wojciech Cackowski); and Zena Rommet floor barre classes with Diane Arvanites. I have just began a series of classes with Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen.

My teachers are the top in their fields and have been inspiring.

I am excited to begin this series with Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen – my yoga teacher training certification program was rooted in Bonnie’s work; Til Luchau studied with her; the creator of Zero Balancing was influenced by her; and I have come across her work over the past 30 years in various other dance, movement, and bodywork trainings.

And here we are, nearly 11 months later...and I am still studying, teaching, and working with clients online and via distance. I had thought for sure my physical office would have re-opened by now....

Nearly 11 months later….and I have been asking myself, “What is my path forward from here?”

The learning and the paths the learning has taken me down have been exciting and rich for me. I have been able to apply so much of this new information to the work I have been doing with clients/students in these nearly 11 months.

“What is my path forward from here?”: I do not know.

I do know I miss working with clients/students in -person.

I do know I enjoy working with clients/students online and via distance.

I do know I am still fascinated and intrigued by exploring the body and movement and patterns of use.

I do know I am grateful to have the opportunities I do have to continue studying, learning, teaching, and working with clients online and via distance.

I also know I look forward to sharing my work with you, either online or via distance, and, at some point, in the future, in-person again.

Increase Your Well-Being......Find Your Inner Balance

Be Healthy. Be Kind. To Yourself, and to Others.

Believe in Our Resilience. Revel in Happiness.


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