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Snow Shovelling

I just came in from was like lifting mammoth sized soggy shredded wheats.....

Some shovelling tips for this type of snow: All the previous shovelling tips still apply ( see Blog posts , January 4, 2018)

In addition, I suggest a stance I have not yet mentioned:

Stand directly facing the snow you want to move. Turn the inner part of your shovel scoop to face you, and place the shovel edge straight down into the snow, about an inch or two from the edge of the snow closest to you. Pull//drag that section of snow toward you. Step to your left or right, and repeat this, until you have pulled a line of snow out from the main part of the snow. Then you can stand with your side to the line of snow, and slide snow along toward your destination.

Remember you do not want to fully fill the shovel scooper, especially with this type of snow. Can you lift that much snow? Many people can. But after 50 times, most people regret it.

Some reminders: Try not to lift/toss the snow from a standstill- rather, after you have slid your shovel under the snow, bend your knees, shift your weight back a tad (perhaps even change your stance so one leg is slightly further back than the other), and then shift your weight forward again as you lift/toss. This is explained more fully in my previous blog post on shovelling snow. Avoid twisting to toss or push snow - even a little bit of a twist, repeated over and over, can have very unpleasant aftereffects.

And... call your local therapeutic bodyworker and schedule a visit!


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