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Start Exercising Again with Bodywork Beyond Massage

For many people, the past 2 years has brought a marked decrease in physical movement.

The more obvious situations: those people who exercised regularly by going to gyms, health/ fitness clubs, exercise studios. Many gyms, clubs, and exercise studios closed, and even when they re-opened, many people's schedules/lives had changed and they were unable to return to their pre-pandemic routine, or they felt unsafe doing so.

The less obvious: those people who were not big on "exercising", but who had gotten a basic daily level of movement by going into work (either by car or public transportation), moving around the office, going to meetings, stopping at the store in their way home and then putting groceries away, visiting with friends, etc..

This marked decrease in daily physical movement has effected people of all ages, from children on up. Many people have noted obvious changes, such as weight gain, and, as mentioned below, older people have noted decreased mobility. What may be less obvious but still of impact upon many people is decreased ease in movement, increased stiffness, decreased range of motion, increased sense of restriction in joints, and a general sense of malaise and a sense of slower reaction times, mentally and physically, that often accompanies lack of physical movement, etc..

From an article in the New York Times: "....It found that almost 40 percent of those over 65 reported both reduced physical activity and less daily time spent on their feet since the start of the pandemic in March 2020. In this representative national sample, those factors were associated with worsened physical conditioning and mobility....

Not only did gyms, yoga studios, pools, adult day programs, community and senior centers all close for extended periods; many older people also undertook fewer ordinary chores and errands and may have skipped recreational pasttimes..."

A number of people managed to create new at-home exercise routines - for example, outdoor exercise or on-line classes-during the summer of 2020, but much of that has gone by the wayside by now, winter 2022.

Whether you are in your 30s or your 60s or any other age, if you would like to add something new to your exercise routine, consider a Zoom movement session/small group class with Bodywork Beyond Massage. These sessions/classes are not "cookie cutter" generalized sessions/classes. They will have a mindful focus on how your body is moving, and will "meet you" where you are now.

Movements/approach are rooted in the worlds of dance, developmental movement, movement therapies, yoga, and bodywork techniques, rather than traditional fitness training.

Please see the pages on this website: Classes and Presentations, Movement, Stress Reduction

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