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Unwrapping the Gift: One Session or More?

Unwrapping the Gift: One Session or More?

When energy in a body becomes restricted we can develop restricted movements/weakness or instability/pain in areas, or, restriction can begin physically.

Those places we experience restriction/weakness/pain may not be where the restriction is beginning - i.e., restriction/weakness/pain in, for example, the left shoulder- upper chest can come from some other location in the body, perhaps from restriction at the right side of the sternum, or right pelvic area, or a number of other places.

When we have an injury or inability to fully use areas of our body, compensatory patterns may develop. They can be fleeting or lingering, and often lead to the development of other compensatory patterns.

As a result, we often need to approach the release of these patterns as one might the unwrapping of a gift wrapped in many layers of wrapping or tissue paper.

Or, one can think of it as a puzzle box that needs one piece to shift before all of the other pieces can shift and the box can be fully opened– sometimes a piece can shift and one can go on to another piece, sometimes a piece can only move part way until after a different piece is moved, etc..

Some questions I, as a therapeutic bodyworker/movement interventionist, need to ask myself, then become, ”What IS the primary restriction? Is it a physical restriction? Energetic? Emotional? And if we can determine right away what the primary restriction is, can we access the primary restriction right away, or do we need to start elsewhere?”

This is, in part, why all of my sessions always include, in some way, the entire body, and to a degree, the whole person.

Often when people come to see me for a therapeutic bodywork session, we can resolve the problem that brings them to me in one session. Often we cannot.

I never promise/guarantee that we can resolve problems in one session because there could be many factors contributing to that problem (think again of a gift wrapped in many layers of paper, or the puzzle box).

When working within the format of movement sessions to release restrictions/ help change movement patterns, we often begin working with an apparent movement pattern and soon realize that that pattern is either a compensatory pattern overlaid upon underlying more basic restriction patterns, or just one of a number of compensatory or restricted patterns, or the top “layer” of the wrapping/tissue paper of a gift, or a piece in that puzzle box.

This is why I often recommend, if someone is seeking to make lasting changes, that they come for at least 4-6 movement or therapeutic bodywork sessions.

Do people feel better after one session of either in-person, or Distance Dynamic Rebalancing, or Zoom movement sessions?

Yes, often. Sometimes one session can resolve the issue. It is more likely, though, that a few sessions are needed, because we are not just a physical combination of bones, muscles, and ligaments.

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