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What are you hoping to gain when you work out?

What are you hoping to gain when you work out?

Are you wanting to get your heart rate up? Increase your strength? Range of motion? Ease with which you are moving?

What if, by bringing a certain type of attention, awareness, and mindfulness to how you are moving your body and resting in stillness, you could bring more glide and ease into your joints?

What if, with this type of mindfulness, you could increase your awareness of how to keep your body working/moving/resting in an aligned, more desirable, coordinated, and healthful way?

What if learning how to move in this way can bring you more range of motion, the ability to get more out of your cardio workouts, and to increase your strength with less struggle and "powering through"?

Bringing this type of attention, awareness, and mindfulness to your workouts will allow you to strengthen your body in a more balanced way.

Bringing this type of attention, awareness, and mindfulness to your daily movements and routines will bring more ease, well-being, and balance into your life.

The work that I do brings together my many years training and study of various dance, movement, and bodywork techniques, incorporating my trainings in Experiential Anatomy and Movement into a unified whole.

A Bodywork Beyond Massage Movement session can help to repattern less healthful ways of moving and increase your options for more healthful and easeful movement.

A Bodywork Beyond Massage Stress Reduction session will also incorporate many of these same concepts, because these concepts are often linked with soothing our nervous system and bringing more ease-filled breath into the body.

A Bodywork Beyond Massage Therapeutic Bodywork session will also incorporate these concepts, because they are part of the core of the work that I do. In this type of session, though, these concepts are expressed by the work that my hands are doing (and sometimes via verbal cues, if the person receiving the session is interested) rather than having the person receiving the session do any movement work.

Take a look through the various pages ion my website- I explain more about Movement, Stress Reduction, and Therapeutic Bodywork sessions and more of what brought me to working in these ways, and include testimonials from clients/students.

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